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Jun 18 2010

The Trio of OZ March 2010 Euro Tour

The trio’s world premiere happened at Ronnie Scotts London and other UK cities where major international journalists agreed that this project is an important link from the past lineage of jazz greats to the future of music with musicians who have experience and vision. Rob Adams of the Scotland Herald writes:

The repertoire had little to do with jazz but therein lies a tale. The trio, with bassist Maeve Royce contributing powerful lines, follows the fashion for realizing pop and rock songs as jazz “standards.” But there’s none of the cuteness that can often result. Alice in Chains’ Angry Chair, Morrissey’s There Is a Light That Never Goes Out and The Police’s King of Pain all transferred naturally into swinging vehicles in the jazz tradition, although the swinging-est of all was the bona fide jazz number, Wayne Shorter’s E.S.P., which here merited another set of initials: TNT.
                            Star rating: ****

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