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Dec 2 2010

Toledo Blade Reviews TTOZ

THE TRIO OF OZ Omar Hakim, Rachel Z and Maeve Royce (OZmosis)

A drum, piano, and bass trio is about as standard as groups get in jazz. What allows those such as The Trio of Oz to rise above others is that intangible synergy they create when playing together, with free-flowing improvisation that takes listeners on a mental voyage, satisfies the pleasure points of their brains and practically leaves them in a trance.

Such is the case on this album. Drummer Omar Hakim, formerly with Weather Report, Sting, Miles Davis, and David Bowie, is paired with Rachel Z, a brilliant Manhattan pianist who has played with Wayne Shorter, Steps Ahead, and Peter Gabriel, and Maeve Royce, a fine bassist who’s been playing with Z since 2005.

Together they’re known for jazz reinterpretations of some rock and some pop from the likes of the Police, Coldplay, Stone Temple Pilots, Depeche Mode.

The jazz they do is mostly joyous, delicate, and deep, but not brooding.


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